Check below for daily objectives and assignments

Date Français 1 (8th grade) World Language French (7th grade)
Lundi le 1 septembre:
Objectives:  No school
Les devoirs:  None
 Objectives:  No school
Les devoirs:  No school
 Mardi le 2 septembre: Objectives:  Today we will learn subject pronouns in French.
Les devoirs: Cahier pg 6 ex. 13.
 Objectives: Today we will take a quiz over greetings, how are you, exchanging names, and ages.  We will begin learning to express likes and dislikes.
Les devoirs: Tell someone one thing you like and one thing you dislike.
Mercredi le 10 septembre:  Objectives: Today we will learn indefinite articles un and une and how to determine if a word is masculine or feminine (Bien Dit pg 24)
Les devoirs: Cahier pg 11 ex 23 and 34.

Objectives:Today we will take a quiz over likes and dislikes.  We will review all that we have learned thus far in Unit 1.
Les devoirs: None
Jeudi le 11 septembre:  Objectives: Today we will continue to learn how to make a sentence negative (Bien Dit pg 26).
Les devoirs:  Cahier pg 7 ex 8
 Objectives: Today we will begin working on our unit 1 skits.
Les devoirs: Begin memorizing your lines.
Vendredi le 12 septembre: Objectives:  Today students will work on their Extreme Makeover French Classroom design.
Les devoirs:  Work on design at home (optional)
Objectives: Today students will work in groups on their Unit 1 skits (Requirements on Passport pg 18).
Les devoirs: Memorize lines.