Check below for daily objectives and assignments

Date Français 1 (8th grade) World Language French (7th grade)
Lundi le 27 octobre:
Objectives:  Today we will learn to ask and tell how many people are in one’s family and if one has brothers, sisters and pets (Bien Dit pg 93)
Les devoirs:  Cahier pg 33 ex #21.
 Objectives:  Today we will learn to ask and respond to the question “How are you?”  (Passport pg 11 Lesson 2)
Les devoirs:  None
 Mardi le 28 octobre: Objectives:  Today we will learn possessive adjectives: my, your, his, hers, our, their (Bien Dit pg 94)
Les devoirs:  Cahier pg 34 ex #23
 Objectives: Today we will learn the alphabet in French.
Les devoirs: Tell someone how to spell their first name and theirs using the French alphabet.
Mercredi le 29 octobree:  Objectives: Today we will continue to learn how to use the possessive adjectives in the context of talking about our family and the families of others.
Les devoirs: Cahier pg 34 ex #23 and #24.  Study for quiz over possessive adjectives.

Objectives:Today students will learn to ask for and give one’s name.
Les devoirs: Tell someone your new French name using Je m’appelle…
Jeudi le 23 octobre:  Objectives: Today we will learn family member vocabulary (Bien Dit pg 90 and 91)
Les devoirs:  Cahier pg 32 ex #18.
 Objectives: Today we will take a quiz over Francophone countries and learn a bit about France.
Les devoirs: Tell someone one thing about France you didn’t know before.
Vendredi le 24 octobre: Objectives:  Today we will continue to learn to identify family members.
Les devoirs: Cahier pg 32 ex 20.
Objectives: Today we will learn how to say “Hello” and “Goodbye” in French.
Les devoirs: Greet friends and family using forms of “Hello” in French.  Practice using forms of “Goodbye” in French as well.