Objectives and Homework | Les devoirs




La Date Francais 1 (8th Grade) World Language French (7th Grade)
Lundi le 1 février 2016
Objectives: We will continue to KNOW expressions to be able to inquire about buy school supplies.  We BE ABLE TO use all of our knowledge from Ch. 4 to talk about our classes and buy school supplies.

Les devoirs: Begin memorizing Ch. 4 Role Play lines.

 Objectives: We will continue to KNOW about the attractions, food and music of New Orleans.

Les devoirs: Tell someone at home something new you learned about New Orleans today.

Mardi le 26 janvier 2016 Objectives: We will KNOW color vocab and expressions to BE ABLE TO inquire about school supplies in a certain color.

Les devoirs: Cahier pg 22 ex 13 (use proper agreement).

Objectives: We will continue to KNOW numbers 0-20 TO BE ABLE TO give our age (tomorrow).

Les devoirs: Tell someone at home how to count 0-10 (or higher) in French.

Mercredi le 20 janvier 2016
Objectives:  Today we will…

KNOW vocab and expressions TO BE ABLE TO say what school supplies we need.  We will continue to UNDERSTAND similarities and difference between school life in France, Quebec and the US.

Les devoirs: Cahier pg 43 ex #16

Objectives: We will…

KNOW expressions to BE ABLE TO ask and tell how one is feeling.  We will continue to UNDERSTAND the importance of formal vs. informal language when speaking French.

Les devoirs (homework): None

Jeudi le 28  janvier 2016






Vendredi le 29 janvier 2016

Objectives: We will…

KNOW number 60-201.  Tomorrow we will use these number to be able to ask for and give prices of items.

Les devoirs (homework): Cahier pg 35 ex #15.



Today we will KNOW vocab and expressions to be able to ask and give prices and buy an item.

Les devoirs (homework): Cahier pg 45 ex 23.


Objectives: We will…

demonstrate KNOWLEDGE of expressions to be able to respond to Hello, How are you?, What is your name?, How old are you?, Good bye.

Les devoirs:  None.


Objectives: We will…

KNOW the history,  language and points of interest in New Orleans.  We will understand how New Orleans came to have a French influence.

Les devoirs:  Tell someone at home one thing you learned about New Orleans you didn’t know before today.