Check below for daily objectives and assignments

Date Français 1 (8th grade) World Language French (7th grade)
Lundi le 11 mai:
Objectives:  Today we will learn expressions useful in making a purchase. (Bien Dit pg 237).
Les devoirs: Cahier pg 81 ex 20-21 Extra Credit: Cahier pg 81 ex 22.
 Objectives: Today we will work on our Mardi Gras Masks. (Passport pg 56)
Les devoirs: None
 Mardi le 5 mai 2015 Objectives: Today we will learn demonstrative adjectives to say “this”, “that”, “these” and “those” (Bien Dit pg 226).
Les devoirs:  Cahier pg 76 ex 9 (Extra Credit ex 10)
 Objectives: Today we will continue to work on our Unit 5 Café Skits (Passport pg 59)
Les devoirs: Memorize lines and be prepared to share tomorrow.
Mercredi le 6 mai  Objectives: Today we will learn the different forms of “Which” or “What” and how to use them correctly.  (Bien dit pg 228)
Les devoirs: Cahier pg 77 ex #11
Extra Credit: Cahier pg 77 ex #12

Objectives:  Today we will present our Unit 5 Café skits.   (Passport pg 59)
Les devoirs: None
Jeudi le  7 mai  Objectives: Today we will learn the conjugations of the verb “mettre” to put/to wear (Bien Dit pgs 230)
Les devoirs: Cahier pg 78 ex 14 (Extra credit: pg 78 ex 15) Study for quiz over mettre and responding to the EQ: “Qu’est ce que tu mets pour…”
 Objectives: Today we will learn about Mardi Gras.
Les devoirs: Tell someone one thing about Mardi Gras you didn’t know before today.
Vendredi le 8 mai: Objectives: Today we will take a quiz over the verb mettre and learn expressions to ask for and give prices.   (Bien dit pg 223).
Les devoirs: None
Objectives: Today we will celebrate Mardi Gras
Les devoirs: None