Les Liens (Links and Resources)

Les dictionnaires

Word Reference  Look up a word or expression in French or in English.

Lexique québécoise Find French words that are unique to Québec.

Pour pratiquer (to practice)

French Toolbox  The Rainbow District created, with the help of the Ministry of Education, Toolbox for students learning French.  It offers a pronunciation guide with audio recordings in French and English. Video clips provide instructional help, and it also serves as a gateway to other learning resources on the Internet.

BBC French Learn French in your own time with interactive courses, videos and audio clips: essential facts, holiday phrases, games and worksheets.

Duolingo A free site to practice French through games and interactive activities.  Site provides feedback to learner.  Compete with friends via Facebook or Twitter.

Les Jeux (Games)

Free Rice: Give free rice to hungry people by playing a simple game that increases your knowledge of French.

Quia Practice French with crosswords, matching games, flashcards, word search, battleship, hangman, etc.

Resources on Francophone Countries

Culture Grams: Experience the world through detailed cultural information on more than 200 countries. Even tour Canadian provinces and territories!

Le goût du français Immersion dans la francophonie au Québec et ailleurs (la musique, le cinéma, la cuisine, l’histoire, la littérature, les nouvelles technologies, la radio, la vocabulaire)

Bilinguisme Requis Lesson plan and materials presented at NILA 2011 on the subject of Bilingualism in Quebec.  Here you can download the text Bilinguisme requis, lesson plan, accompanying PowerPoints, modifiable worksheets and project guidelines.

Haiti363 Haiti’s youth are eager to lead their country forward. UNICEF believes they can – and must – be central to Haiti’s recovery. We invite you to hear their voice.    Listen to questions of Haitin youth and start a conversation with a child/youth Haiti today.  Topics for conversation include education, dream job, gender equality, divorce, feminism, the future, climate change, sports, pets, youth and drugs and violence.  The “3 questions” video is fun and even mentions Justin Beiber!  Teachers, create a lesson incorporating this site and have students respond to the conversation topics in the form of video or a writing assignment.  Videos are in Kreyòl with subtitles in English.

La musique et les chansons

Lyrics Training Practice French by filling in the blanks and singing along to popular music.  Hint: If you get stuck on a word start typing the alphabet (a,b,c,d…).

StarZik  Download French Music here.  Pay by song.  Similar to iTunes.

La musique québecoise The Québec Popular Music Collection demonstrates the immense musical, cultural, and linguistic diversity that characterizes the vast genre of popular music in Québec (Pop/Rock, Neo-Traditional, Hip-Hop, R&B, Latin and Caribbean, African & Maghreb)

L’alphabet  A YouTube video of a teacher and students singing the French alphabet and dancing.

Le verbe avoir:  A YouTube video of Justin Bieber rapping the forms of the verb avoir (to have).

La cuisine, les cafés, et les restaurants

La Banquise A restaurant in Montréal where the Québec speciality la poutine (loaded French fries) is served 24/7.

Le Glacier Bilboquet The best “crème glacée” in Montréal

Truffles:  The Most expensive food in the World  This CBS special video talks about truffles in France and Italy and the extent that people go to get ahold of these mushrooms, even to the point of stealing someone’s truffle sniffing dogs!


Monet Discover Claude Monet’s paintings by using this truly interactive website:  Use your cursor to make ripples in the water, blow into the speakers to make the windmill turn or the poppy petals blow around, use the keyboard arrows to make the church bells chime.  Teachers, this is an excellent website to use with the Promethian Board!

Le cinéma/Le film

FilmStreams is a movie theatre in Omaha, NE that often shows French films.  Check out whats “Now Showing”

La litterature

Children’s Library   French Children’s book available to read online.

More Free Children’s Books

étudier à l’étranger (Study Abroad)

EF Paris  a cute video promoting study abroad in Paris.  Video also include survival French vocab and expression.

LPS Know-Your-Neighbor Study Tour  Learn more about the opportunity for LPS high schoolers to spend 10 days in France.


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